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The Tytun barn utilizes a chassis/plenum that is 100% aluminum. The frame is a patented Thin Wall aluminum extrusion.  This creates a strong, durable, and long-lasting rust-proof base. The aluminum extrusions throughout the chassis allow the barn to be relatively lightweight, and will not bow, twist or sag when moved. The aluminum deflectors are bolted in place for ease of service if required. The square aluminum tubing cross members are installed every 60” for additional strength and support.


Each barn’s sidewalls and roof are constructed out of premium 26-gauge steel with galvalum coating. The panels are a four-inch double tongue and groove, which provides a weather-tight seam with an R-29 insulation value. These panels are designed to conserve energy to allow for better cost savings in the future. The panels are manufactured to exact specifications to assure uniform quality and consistency with zero ozone depleting properties. The panels are food grade, and are resistant to mold and mildew.  The panels are white with a protective silicone polyester coating. The roof is flat, eliminating the split in the roof panel to create a peak. This makes a stronger roof, with no trusses required.


Barn front doors are constructed from four-inch insulated panel and trimmed completely with aluminum. Heavy duty aluminum extruded hinges with stainless bolts hold the doors in place. The doors are swinging, “barn door” style.  All doors have heavy duty seals where required.  The rear doors for the furnace room are 100% aluminum, sliding doors, to access both sides of the furnace room. The door between the furnace room and drying area is constructed from four-inch insulated panel, trimmed with aluminum and an approximate dimension of 52.5” by 17.5”. 


Tytun tobacco barns are faster and more efficient because they are equipped with the latest curing controls, including programmable advance and automatic damper control. 


The flooring in a Tytun barn is interlocking, galvanized steel, with unique openings that disperse air evenly throughout the barn. 


The Tytun tobacco barn comes with optional steps and handles for ease of entry and exit.  Lighting is also available.  


All the trim around the Tytun barn is aluminum ranging from 0.125” to 0.188” thick. The top header on the front and back of the barn is 0.25” thick aluminum plate.


Tytun boxes are approximately 32" deep, 115" wide and 77.5" high. The boxes feature a 2” by 3” by 3/16” welded wire mesh on the back, heavy duty 12-gauge sides, and 11-gauge doors and cross members.

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