Rendering Of A Tytun Barn/Kiln

Tytun 14

14 - 32" boxes

4" Insulated Panel - Walls, Roof, Doors, Furnace Room. Insulation value R-29.

Structure - Patented Aluminum extrusion

Raised galvanized floor

Heavy Duty Box Seal

Back doors - sliding, all aluminum

Options:  Lights, steps, grab handles

Skid plate inside loading area

Burner: Riello, Midco, Power Flame - Natural Gas or Propane

Aluminum Prop Fan

10 HP motor

Automatic Curing Controls with sensor

Size:  length - 45' 6", width - 10' 7", height - 9' 1.5"

Tytun Calculator
Please use our calculator to see how many barns you require.